Small Business

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Below are valuable tools regarding different aspects of building a small business. Please check back to this resource center as resources are updated periodically.

Business Plan
♦  Business plan guide - Request a sample plan from our library of specific business plan samples by emailing our Small Business Coordinator or request an appointment for hands-on assistance. We also have a business plan guide for start-ups, suitable for the budding entrepreneur or new business owner.


Cash Flow
♦  Cash flow projection worksheet - Creating cash flow projections will help you prepare for any bumps in the road before they appear. Using a cash flow worksheet is a good hands-on tool that can give you a visible and realistic view of your financials.


♦  Marketing plan guide
♦  Evaluate your small business marketing
♦  Additional resources for marketing your small business
♦  Business networking & referral marketing
♦  Market research resource guide
♦  The Art of Marketing webinar
♦  A media list (for issuing press releases) is available by emailing us.


Government Procurement
Government Contracting 101
Business Opportunities: A Guide to Winning Federal Contracts
A Veteran's Guide to Contracting
A Guide to Successful Contracting with the Commonwealth of Virginia


♦  Finding and keeping employees


Sears Hometown Store

One of our area's youngest entrepreneurs, Andrew Palmer, met with the EDC office before buying into one of the nation's largest retail stores.