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Modern Industry eXchange Brings Teachers into Local Industries

Young people do not need to leave the area and earn four-year college degrees to get good jobs with promising futures here.

EDC Announces Staff Realignment to Focus on Talent Development


The Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation is realigning key positions in its organization to support talent development. With a 4.1% unemployment rate in Martinsville-Henry County, businesses need more skilled employees to join their workforce. Area companies cite this as one of their biggest business challenges.

Sarah Hodges, Director of Tourism, will now also serve as Director of Talent Development.  In this role, she will work with area companies to develop strategies to attract qualified employees.

Beth Stinnett has been named Assistant Director of Tourism and will lead the day-to-day management of the Tourism Division.

Valerie Harper, current Director of the Small Business Division, will serve as Director of Business Development. 

With this realignment, the EDC will be better positioned to help companies recruit experienced employees. 

“The better equipped our community is to attract skilled talent, the better we’ll fare in attracting and retaining businesses,” said Mark Heath, President & CEO of the Martinsville-Henry County EDC.

“Today’s workers are focused on more than just job opportunities that a region offers,” says Heath.  “They want to know about the schools, amenities, outdoor activities, etc. in our region.  Tourism will play a role in recruiting tomorrow’s job candidates and that’s why our realignment with the director of Tourism heading up Talent Development makes strategic sense.”