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Innovation Resources

The following resources are available in Martinsville-Henry County.

Fab Lab

The FAB Lab, certified by the Virginia FAB Lab Network, is a 1,600 sq. ft. facility in Uptown designed to support innovation in the region. Local industry and entrepreneurs can access the FAB Lab for engineering new products confidentially. The facility houses 10 design stations; a Roland Camm-1 SERVO 24” vinyl cutter; Roland MDX-20 Mill/Sanner; Stratasys uPrint SE Plus; Formech 686 Vacuum Former; Universal Laser 4.60;  Routermate 4’X 4’; Torchmate 2’ X 4’; Morgan Industries Plastic Injection Molding Machine; Mkerbot Replicator 1; along with work tables.  

Genedge Alliance

The GenEdge Alliance is a statewide consulting resource, based in Martinsville, to assist Virginia businesses with innovation, competitive markets and business growth. Consulting fees are subsidized by 60% via a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Standards & Technology Branch. Services to industry focus on optimizing manufacturing processes, supply chain and sustainability – and are customized to address the particular company’s challenges.

 Nearby innovation resources utilized by local employers include:

Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) 

The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) transforms applied research into business advantages through collaborations between world-class manufacturers and Virginia's flagship research institutions to create new "production-ready" solutions. Industry members guide the research, leveraging talent and resources within CCAM and at Virginia’s top universities, through a collaborative model that enables them to pool research and development (R&D) efforts to increase efficiencies. Areas of research include surface engineering and manufacturing systems. CCAM’s applied approach bridges the gap between fundamental research, typically performed at universities, and product development that is routinely performed by companies. CCAM accelerates the transition of research innovation from the laboratory to commercial use. Results can then be applied directly to the factory floor, turning ideas into profit. 

CCAM is the only collaboration of its kind in North America and promises member companies significant business benefits. By pooling resources to pursue university research authorized by member companies, CCAM increases the value of private and public R&D investments. Risks, costs and results are shared by all members – away from live production floors – allowing each company to capitalize on new, breakthrough developments that emerge. NASA, Rolls-Royce, Siemens, and Sulzer Metco represent a sampling of CCAM members. University partnerships include Old Dominion University, University of Virginia, Virginia State University, and Virginia Tech.

Center for High Performance Manufacturing – Virginia Tech

The Center for High Performance Manufacturing (CHPM), located 30 miles northwest at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, conducts research and development of tools and technologies to help manufacturers become high-performance. Key areas of research include: Manufacturing Ergonomics; Innovation-Based Manufacturing; Production and Information Systems; Flexible Automation and Lean Manufacturing; Manufacturing Logistics and Supply Chain Management; and Rapid Manufacturing and Low-Cost Composite Manufacturing.