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Featured Sites

There is a wide variety of sites and available buildings in Martinsville and throughout Henry County to meet the needs of food processors. One park, with a certified site for food processing specifically, is featured here:

Patriot Centre Industrial Park

Patriot CenterThe Patriot Centre Industrial Park, located north of Martinsville in Henry County, is a first-class industrial and business park setting fully served with utilities. The highly-reliable Appalachian Power substation at this park has the ability to provide redundant power with dual feeds. Landscaping and entry markers make this a premier site for greeting customers.

Food Processing Certified Site

Tract 4 at the Patriot Centre Industrial Park is a 44-acre site with an 18.4 acre graded pad - Food Processing Shovel-Ready Site, certified by Austin Consulting. Shown below is a brochure/flyer of Tract 4 at the Patriot Center. To download this brochure (PDF), simply click the picture below:


High Capacity Utilities for Food Processing

Water is abundant and of high quality in the region due to the Philpot water system. County is negotiating with Corps of Engineers to expand water plant from 4MGD to 6 MGD, with design and construction in 2016 at the earliest. The city water system of 7.8 MGD is only at 30% capacity currently.

Sewer service for county is processed at city system. There were two independent systems, but due to textile industry decline, the flow has significantly decreased. The 8 MGD city waste water system is current at 60% capacity. Pretreatment is necessary for high BOD/TSS affluent to keep costs reasonable.