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Electric Power

Appalachian Power (a division of American Electric Power) is the major provider of electric service to the Martinsville-Henry County area. Listed below are sample industrial electric rates for Appalachian Power customers as of July 2012:

KW Demand / Kwh per Month

Avg Monthly Cost Cents/Kwh
75 KW / 30,000 Kwh



1,000 KW / 400,000 Kwh



50,000 KW / 25,000,000 Kwh



Above rates do not include state or local taxes

Primarily serving the City of Martinsville, another provider of electric power in the area is the Martinsville Electric Department. It purchases wholesale power from American Municipal Power of Ohio (AMP-Ohio) to meet the city's peak demand of 43 million watt hours. The city also generates a portion of their peak demand energy at an historic hydroelectric dam on the Smith River. To view rates for local customers, click here.


With over 8 million gallons of excess water capacity per day and 6 million gallons of excess sewer capacity per day, Martinsville-Henry County has all of the water you need to be successful.

Henry County Public Service Authority (industrial rates)
$39 for the first 4,000 gallons and then $6.00 for each additional 1,000 gallons

City of Martinsville Water Service
Cost per month (up to 4,000 gallons/month) based on meter size:

1" Meter: $34.87
2" Meter: $120.14
4" Meter: $461.55
6" Meter: 1,030.58
8" Meter: 1,827.21
10" Meter: 2,851.45
12" Meter: 4,103.30

Next 2,000 gallons/month: 3.19 per 1,000 gallons
Next 100,000 gallons/month: 2.94 per 1,000 gallons
Next 100,000 gallons/month: 2.43 per 1,000 gallons
Next 200,000 gallons/month: 2.10 per 1,000 gallons

Natural Gas

Southwestern Virginia Gas Company is the community's Natural Gas Provider. They have been serving Martinsville-Henry County since 1942. They have a certificate of public convenience and necessity from the Virginia State Corporation Commission to distribute gas to Martinsville, Henry County, and portions of Pittsylvania County. Southwestern Virginia Gas has 149 miles of main and 4,981 service lines supplying gas to over 4,600 customers. Their largest current customer consumes over 2,000 Mcfper day. Listed below is their current rate schedule as of October 2013:

Residential Firm Service
All Ccf $0.8688 per Ccf
Customer Charge per Month $9.55
Commercial & Industrial Firm Service
First 100 Ccf $0.8513 per Ccf
Over 100 Ccf $0.8321 per Ccf
Customer Charge per Month $12.75
Industrial Interruptible Service
First 1,000 Mcf $6.107 per Mcf
Next 4,000 Mcf $5.972 per Mcf
Over 5,000 Mcf $5.793 per Mcf
Customer Charge per Month $40.00

Please click here to access a Telecommunications Assessment Study which was conducted for our local Industrial/Business Parks.

Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative (MBC) offers Dark fiber, SONET/TDM establishes levels from 1.5 Mbps (equal to a DS1 line) to 10 Gbps(equal to OC-192 line), IP services of 10 meg to 1GigE, Co-location shelter including DC power, remote monitoring, generated backup, and secured access, MBC Fiber Backbone.

Martinsville Information Network (Mi-Net) offers a 48 fiber backbone, SONET establishes OC (Optical Carrier) levels from 51.8 Mbps (equal to a T3 line) to 2.48 Gbps., Voice, video and data capabilities, Traffic Management, Electrical systems monitoring, Video conferencing, and High-speed internet access.

Century Link (formerly Embarq) offers local and long distance phone service, telephone equipment, data equipment, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Frame relay, Video equipment and Web hosting.

nTelos offers local and long distance phone service, dedicated T-1 internet service, and metro ethernet service (10/100Mbs transport).

Comcast offers cable TV and broadband internet service.

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