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Get Your Business Going in the Right Direction

Participants in this entrepreneurial training program will receive hands-on assistance with developing their business idea.  Whether you are in the planning stage or just opened a business, working on your business, not just in it can get you going in the right direction. 

These highly interactive sessions will empower you to make the right decisions for your business venture.  

  •  Complete your business plan
  •  Receive valuable feedback from business coaches and peers
  •  Hear from seasoned entrepreneurs and business experts
  •  Receive entrepreneurial certification

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The SmartSTART Series is also a great way to prepare for the annual SBIF Business Plan Competition held each year. It is a chance to compete for mentoring, space and funding.  Find out more about SBIF here.

Questions? or 276-403-5940

Casting Logos LLC

Dean Randall and Jason Wood started making promotional and personalized products in a basement and and now operate in a 4,500 square feet building. »